Wednesday, January 23, 2013


My client has Skin Rejuvenation Clinique, Broadway location.  She decided to open a "blow dry bar" and wanted it to connect to her existing business.  So, they had to make an opening between the two businesses.  For some reason, there was, already, a border painted on the wall where they cut the opening.  But, when they repaired around the new door frame, they couldn't help but float the wall, with sheetrock mud, onto the border.  Thus, destroying the faux finish.

The wall around the border was already fauxed a beigy color and there were definite lines around the existing border.  So, already being drawn, it was easy for me to follow the edge. 
I re-textured the border with a venetian plaster that I got at Lowes.

Then, I painted a base coat and let that dry.

Then, I added a darker color to age the new texture.  I brushed the paint on and then wiped it off with a rag.  The dark color stained the paint color and stayed in the crevices of the texture.
I love texturing and aging a wall!  But, this time, all I worked on was the border.

My client was out of town when I finished this border.  I'm thinking she'll be really happy because she loves things to look old and this border looks old!  And it matches, really well, with their floors and existing wood decor.
( This morning, I heard from Tina.  She emailed me and she was very happy with the wall...
                                                   "Great, love the wall it looks awesome."
                                                            I thought she would like it! )