Sunday, October 28, 2012


     Patti's house is just amazing and she does all of the decorating, herself!!  When she was building her home, she started bringing things for me to paint for her new home, about a year ahead of completion.  And then, when it was nearing completion, I worked there for about three months doing all kinds of special wall and ceiling finishes that she came up with.  Her taste is AMAZING!!
     Last week, I had to go back to do some repair work on the stripes she had me paint in her entry hall.  The walls/stripes are about 16' high and about 12" wide.

The brown and green shades that she picked are just beautiful, together. 

With my level and a pencil, I drew these stripes and then, I had to hand paint every single one of the brown ones!  The base coat was the green.

This is the chair that was in the entry hall with those green and brown stripes...isn't it beautiful!!

You can see the dining room from the entry hall.  See that HUGE chandelier...this is one of the things she wanted me to paint, way ahead of time,  It was so large, they couldn't fit it through the double doors of my studio.  So, I had to go to the warehouse, where it was stored, to paint it.

Soon, I will be posting more of the work I did for Patti's new home.  One thing for sure, she wasn't afraid of color or design and she turned it into a really unique and very, very beautiful home!!

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  1. Those stripes look daunting to me. The mere thought of getting them so precise makes me shiver. Great job, Lynda. Can't wait to see more of Patti's beautiful home and more of your work.