Monday, October 22, 2012


  If you have a special, decorative glass light fixture and one of the glass parts gets broken, don't panic! you can repair it.

The large globe on this fixture got broken.  My client felt fortunate that she found a replacement globe that fit, exactly.  It's just a globe that fits the kind of light fixture that fits against the ceiling.  You probably recognize it. 
I brought all of my colors with me and sat on the floor just below the fixture, so I could match the colors exactly.  This globe was a milky white, so I had to work on the outside of it.  I painted a base coat and then used a rag and a brush to work the colors.  I sealed it, just in case someone tried to clean it.  We, carefully, put it in the fixture.  And, it worked!! 

This is the ceiling above the light fixture. 
I love this house!!  It's one of my most favorite houses that I've worked in.  The landscaping was sooo special and the interior was, too.

One of the glass sections of this candle fixture got broken.  My client brought me a clear piece of glass and, again, I worked with my brush and a rag, (on the inside of the glass), to get the technique.  I got the colors to match, exactly.  And, once the soot from the burning candle starts staining it, it will match, even better.

If a decorative glass fixture gets broken, just look at it very, very carefully and try to figure out how it was painted, the first time.  Then, start painting.  If you think you've messed up, just use a razor blade, scrape the paint off and start over.  You can do it!!

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  1. Wow, Lynda. How many of these have I passed up because I didn't know this? Thanks for the heads up.