Monday, October 15, 2012


     This is the fourth time I've painted Madi's room and she's only 14!!  The very first time was just before she was born.  They just love to decorate and I'm really happy about that!
     This time, she got a little more sophisticated with her colors.  She chose a beige for her walls and ceiling, which took two coats over what I had painted before!!  I'll show you those (really cute) colors, below.  And, she wanted one wall to be chalkboard paint.

Madi's mom found this brightly colored chalkboard paint online at  They have lots of really nice, intense colors.  The company told me the colors were more intense so the chalk would show up.  The paint didn't turn out to be the color they thought they had ordered, so, I worked with it a little bit to lighten it, so it would match Madi's bedding.
Hudson Paint told me that, after you've been writing and erasing with regular chalk, a patina would form that would lighten the paint a bit and look really nice.  I haven't seen it since I finished, but am looking forward to seeing Madi's "writings on the wall".

This is how Madi's room looked before:

They chose and I painted all of the walls and the ceiling different colors, to match her bedding.  Her mom looked online and found a company who would cut the black vinyl circles.  And, Robin and I attached them to the ceiling.  Madi's room looked sooo cute, but it was time for a change!

Just in case you want to make your own chalkboard paint, Martha Stewart  has a formula on how to make it at

Oh, and while I was working at Robin's house, Mitsy was watching me from a very safe, secret place!

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