Thursday, May 11, 2017


My client wanted me help her with her guest bath in her new home.
The walls were a beige that she didn't like, the medicine cabinet was one shade of stained brown and the sink table was another shade of stained brown.  Her window shutters, floor to ceiling tile in the shower, doors and frame were white.  I made a few suggestions.  She wasn't sure about any of them. So, I said how about a black and white bathroom.
 She thought she would like that.
With my client's approval, I used the finish and colors on the mirror frame as inspiration for the medicine cabinet and sink table.  I painted a metallic silver paint, rubbed black paint over that and added a stain over all.  (I think she's going to add wood floors.)
Notice that I painted the pipe/p trap underneath the table. 
Then, I painted the design on the table with metallic silver.  
Rubbed gold on top of that with my finger and added the same stain over all. 
 Usually, I use a satin or lower sheen clear sealer.  Because this bath didn't have a lot of light I used a glossy sealer and it made the medicine cabinet and table show up better.
The glossy finish made the metallic paint look metallic.  
A lower sheen can make metallic paints look dull and not reflect.
Reflection is what I, usually, want with metallic paints.
This picture didn't turn out well, but these are very beautiful antique purses and look so fabulous on the black faux painted walls.  The frames are gold and black.
....sooo pretty and so elegant!
She wanted me to take the door off of the medicine cabinet and is going to decorate inside.
Then, we talked about the walls and ceiling.  Nothing sounded good, so I said "well, would you want me to faux paint with black?"  I painted a small sample on the wall and I was surprised she said "yes".   She's very happy and I really love the way it turned out. 
This is her beautiful great room/family room.
The finish on the entertainment center, hall linen cabinet, laundry cabinets and the bath below didn't look good.  The finish was shiny and had lots of dull spots.  I told her I thought everything just needed to be sealed and the finish would look even.  My client thought the previous owner had done something to mess up the satin finish and wanted me to try to fix it.  Oh dear!!  Trying to figure out what someone else did is a bit harrowing.  I tried a couple of things.  One thing I tried made my water based sealer crackle and that told me I should probably use oil paint.  Then, the oil paint actually took the existing finish off in places and caused lighter spots.  OMGoodness gracious!!!  I used craft paints and mixed them to match the dark finish, touched up the spots and sealed again.  
Thank goodness it looked good and she was happy.
There were only a few things in her new home that needed to be changed.
Thank goodness I was able to figure it out, but it was VERY stressful!!  
This home was so beautiful and I really enjoyed working with this client.
Thank you!


  1. Love the beautiful way you did everything - looks great.


  2. Beautiful! Do you have a detailed tutorial on how you painted the sink and walls? I bought a beautiful metallic charcoal paint for the walls but couldn't replicate the texture that it suggested in the instructions. I really love what you did and looks like I could do it.

    1. Hi, The texture you see was already on the walls. I painted with black paint and rubbed it out/off with a rag. On the table, I painted metallic silver over all and then painted on black and rubbed off with a rag. Painted metallic gold on the scrolls. I bet you can do it. It's so pretty it's worth a try.