Thursday, May 18, 2017



Below is my post about a kitchen I painted about three years ago.  Yesterday, Shanna called me to say she sold her house.  She told me she compared their kitchen to other kitchens in houses for sale in the neighborhood and there was no comparisan.
 She sold her house in FIVE days!  That is amazing. 
 The buyers loved the kitchen.  A few times, through the years,  clients have told me when the potential buyer would see their kitchen that I painted with a special finish it sold the house.  Very  nice of them to share that with me.
So, if you are wanting to sell you house fast maybe you should upgrade your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.   Everybody loves a nice kitchen.


For a very long time Shanna planned to re-do her kitchen. 
 She felt the floor and the cabinet colors ran together. 
 She said you couldn't tell where the floor stopped and the cabinets began.
  She didn't like that!  
For a while she had been dreaming of black cabinets in her kitchen.
So, she called me.  I had painted her mother's kitchen island and she said that was exactly what she wanted in her kitchen...she thought!!  She was concerned about the rubbed edges not looking right in her kitchen, her white counters and back splash not matching the black and several other worries.
While I was painting, she got happier and happier and, even thrilled! 
 She was loving her black kitchen.
It really did turn out soooo nicely!!  
Her white counters, back splash, trim and shutters looked just beautiful with her new black.  They were a wonderful contrast and kept her kitchen from looking like a black hole.
This was her kitchen island "before".  She and her husband designed a new look for it and called a carpenter to build their new design before I painted the kitchen. 
 And, she added a new granite top.
This is her island "after".  I think they did a great job designing. 
And, the carpenter did a great job putting it all together.
This is her butler's pantry.
I painted it to match the kitchen. 
 As you walk into the house, it looks really nice from the dining room and front door.
And, this is Charlie in front and he was FULL of personality and just had fun doing his own thing, getting in trouble (a lot).  He was so cute.  And, that is Little Bear and he's very old and Charlie just couldn't keep from pestering him.  They were so cute together.
Shanna's new black kitchen turned out so, so nicely. 
She couldn't stop saying how happy she was with the major transformation. 
 The black and white really did look like a "show" kitchen.
Thank you, Shanna!!


  1. Love the black cabinets they are amazing. Maybe I should do that in my kitchen. What type of paint did you use?

    Your work is lovely and you so such a wonderful job.

    Have a great week,


    1. Hi Mary, thank you for your comments. You can use any black paint. Benjamin Moore is always a good choice. Satin or lower sheen would be good. You can make samples to see the sheen you might want on your cabinets. If you will show them a picture of your cabinets I'm sure the paint people can tell you the best process for you. Happy Painting :)