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On my blog, I have a tab labeled "Ask Me".  A few friends have asked questions there, but
I get lots of paint and painting questions through my email address.  I will always give you the best answer I can for your project.  There are a few special techniques that I'm still using in my business and would rather not give out that information, just yet.  For most questions though, please feel free to "Ask Me" or email me.
You'll find my email address on the "Ask Me" tab.
I would love to help you with your projects!
Below, is a conversation that I had with Donnie last week and thought you might find it helpful, too.

"Hey Lynda. I have a dresser and nite stand with bed . Head board and foot board. Frame and siderails. I also have the mirror that matches the dresser it does not mount to the dresser but hangs on the wall behind it. It is almost Identical. drawers and all to the one you did. How should I Finish these. Please reply back. I am trying to start a small business to help in my retirement. Thank you. Donnie in Ga."

"Hi Donnie,
     When I paint furniture, it's usually for a client and they're using it in their home and want the colors to go with that room's decor.  I have found that "decor" colors are "regional".  I'm not sure what your clientele will be, but you will need to paint what you think your client will want.  Your furniture is probably off white french provincial.  You could paint it white and distress it.  You could use a gel stain and make it look like stained wood.  Just read the instructions to do that or ask your paint store.  You can get tons of finishes and ideas from Google.  To get ideas of what your clientele might be, go to the flea markets and craft stores that sell furniture in your area.
     I do love painting furniture and hope you do very, very well in your business!
     Hope this was helpful.

"I just was thanking you for the tips. And I will let you know how things go. Im new at this but love doing it. Thanks"

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