Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This photo didn't turn out very well.  I will post photos, later, when my client is finished re-decorating this powder room.  But, I wanted to share something with you...

These cabinets and the medicine cabinet had a pickled/white-washed finish on them.  My client saw a neighbor's cabinets that I painted a few months ago and wanted me to work on her's. 
When I went by to look at her powder room, I asked if she wanted me to paint the medicine cabinet the color of the walls to  make it disappear and she said yes.  I usually ask my clients the same question.  Sometimes they want to paint it the wall color and sometimes they want it the same as the new cabinet finish. 
Some clients have the medicine cabinet removed and patch the wall.  But, if you use and need the medicine cabinet, it looks really nice to paint it the wall color and make it disappear, kind of.

Also, I'm painting mirror molding for this powder room.
If you want to frame your plain mirror and would like to look at my tutorial on painting and installing mirror molding, see my post in June, 2012.

Soon, I'll be going back to this home to do more work and and I'm sure the powder room will be completed.  I'll take better photos and post them.

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