Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So, I painted Morgan's bedroom, again.  She and her mom found some beautiful bedding that was white, with gray, black and a little bit of purple. Her bed is a black iron bed.  Earlier, I had painted her ceiling white and her woodwork is white.  They wanted me to paint three walls a medium gray and one wall a beautiful grayish purple.  Then, her mom found  some really cute pieces of furniture and asked me to paint them to match her new decor.

These shutters were blue and they asked me to paint them black, distressed and a bit of silver on the tiny trim.  (of course, the silver is shinier in this photo, than it really is.  I rubbed it over the black and it is very toned down, but my flash always makes it look really flashy bright.

They found these really cute tables and they were stained brown.  I painted them black and white and the black base and trim, a little bit distressed.  These shutters will hang on the wall, on either side of Morgan's bed and these tables will go directly under them as night stands.

They're going to recover this chair and use some funky trim.  I, only, painted the legs.  They wanted them painted solid black.

And, they found this cute little bench that will sit at the foot of her bed.  They will be recovering the cushion for this, also.  I painted it metallic silver and rubbed black paint around the arms, legs and top of back.  I think she said their cording would be black.  I know it will look wonderful!!

One of these days, I'll get to go back and see how everything looks, all put together.  They love to decorate and re-do and it always looks sooo nice.

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