Saturday, December 28, 2013


        Dena found these medallions online.  They were a solid grayish color and she asked me to paint them these brown tones for the outside of her new home.

 I think she is going to put them on a wall of her covered patio.
They look really nice against the paint color of her home.
I painted them a base light brownish color and aged them with a very dark brown color.
I painted the dark brown on and wiped it off.  Can you see that I left them a little darker in the recessed areas?

Also, I painted them "antique copper" with gold.  After I painted the copper and gold, I used that same dark brown to age them.  
My flash is making them look sooo bright copper, but that's not how they looked in person.
They were very toned down with the aging glaze.
Dena said they looked really nice in her home.

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