Tuesday, June 12, 2012


     Time for a change!  My client's dining room walls were a dark green and the kitchen walls were an intense yellow.  They were really nice colors, but my client was tired of them and ready for a new look. She wanted the new color to be just a little darker than her off white woodwork, so we chose a color.  As often happens, the actual paint was a little different from the color swatch.  When I noticed that, I just went ahead and finished painting the first coat in the "way too light" color, because I knew I would have to paint a second coat, anyway.  I brought the rest of the paint home and tonight I worked with it, adding more colors, just to get it in the same tones as her woodwork, just a little darker.  I'm happy with the new mixed color and eager to see it on the walls, tomorrow morning.  My client left for New York, early this morning, so, all of these paint color decisions have been left up to me...stress! stress! stress!
     Also, I'm going to paint a ceiling medallion to go on the ceiling at the base of her chandelier.  I'll paint it in the same color tones as her chandelier and might add a touch of burgundy because of the lamp shades.  She already has a chandelier chain cover in black.  You can get the ceiling medallions at Lowes and Home Depot and, you can leave them white or paint and sponge metallics, or just any colors on them and they always look so, so nice.

     My client has the nicest little dogs...Frodo, Sam and Pippin.  Pippin is a tiny chihuahua puppy with big brown and white spots and soooo cute!  Frodo has been with them forever and so sweet.  But, Sam is a beautiful little rescue poodle.  He was found at a home, tied to a wire or nylon string and it was so tight that it was embedded in his neck.  When he was rescued, the veterinarian had to cut the wire/string out of his neck and then sew him up.  When I worked for this client a few months ago, she had just gotten Sam and the scar on his neck was very large and wide.  How can anyone be so insensitive and treat one of God's little creatures like that!!!
     It was hard to get a good photo of them because Pippin kept jumping on the other two and playing. This is the best I could do, today.  Will try again, tomorrow.

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