Tuesday, May 8, 2012


     My client felt their master bath was outdated, so they did a complete renovation.  They had someone take down the wallpaper, got a new jacuzzi bath tub, beautiful travertine tile in the shower, new faucets, sinks, granite, etc.  Instead of replacing their white cabinets, they asked me to re-paint them to look like stained wood.  I did this finish on their kitchen cabinets and they really loved the way it turned out.  So, they knew how that finish would look in their totally new bath room.
     Several times, clients have asked me to do a special finish on their cabinets.  It is so costly to try to replace them and such a very big mess in their home.  Each day, when I'm finished working, I always leave my work area very clean and neat. I am very careful and respectful, always remembering I'm working in someone else's home.  My clients often comment on how they noticed that and how they appreciate me respecting their home while I'm working there.

     This finish is with a stain and it's very important to make your brush strokes look like woodgrain.  If you would like to know how to do this finish, just ask and I'll try to guide you. 


  1. Fantastic--looks really great. you do a fantastic jobs on cabinets. I love what you did for mine!

  2. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE if you would post a tutorial on this technique! Pretty please?

    1. Hi, You paint a dark undercoat and then paint a stain over it. Be sure to seal really well. One of these days, I will be offering video tutorials, just not ready for that, yet. Be sure to ask your paint store how to get this look. Products are different in different parts of the country and new ones are always coming out, so your paint store people can help you with that. Hope that helps.