Thursday, May 3, 2012



My client got a new front door.  She has very nice exterior light fixtures, but the finish on them was looking old and worn and she asked if I could paint them for her.  And, since I think EVERYTHING can be painted, I told her I could.  I really liked the red finish on them, but my client wanted them to look newer and left the finish up to me.  Also, I painted the light fixture by the garage to match these.
     On these fixtures, the first thing I did was clean them.  Then, I painted a dark, exterior paint on them and rubbed most of it off with a rag, so the red still showed through a little bit.  Then, I swiped on and rubbed off a little black paint, all over.  The finish is new, but makes the fixtures look a little old.
     My client is very happy and loves how it looks, walking up to her front door.
     If you want to know how to paint your light fixtures, just ask me.  I have painted lots of indoor light fixtures, chandeliers and exterior ones, too.

They will look much better, when the glass is clean and sparkling.  I cleaned the outside, but it was a little complicated and heavy to lift the top to clean the inside.  So, my client will take care of that.

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