Tuesday, April 24, 2012


     Well, I guess I did take a photo of my faux painting!  But, the main reason I took this photo is to show you the mantel that was painted white and now looks like stained wood.  The lighting is a bit over exposed because of the large scenic windows in the room.  The brick, the mantel and faux painting are, actually, a little darker and look really, really nice with her decor.  And, I was still working on the walls, so everything is still stacked out of the way.
     When I started working on these walls, the very bright white mantel was in the middle of the beige walls.  I just thought the mantel would look much better stained and my client went along with the idea and really loves the new look.
     You can stain over paint.  And, when staining over paint, you can just paint the stain, (on the piece of furniture, etc.), and let your brush strokes have a similar look to wood grain.  After the first coat dries really well, you might want to paint a second coat, just to have more depth to the look.  But, you can also paint the stain on and wipe it off with a rag and that's what we did with this mantel.  It still looks stained, just not as darkly stained.
     If you want to try this, just ask the paint sales people how to stain over paint.  Use their products and follow the instructions.  You will have a great new look, too!

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