Saturday, April 21, 2012


     Today, I was faux painting for my client, who's son is graduating from medical school in May. She's having lots of family and friends come in for the ceremony and wanted the house to be "just right"! I don't usually take photos of my faux painting because you really can't see the "drama" of the transformation. The existing walls are painted a tan color and I'm glazing over that with a tea stain glaze that I mixed. She has beautiful furniture and the new walls really enhance and make the furniture more interesting. 
     For her entry, I painted a soft greeny blue and will glaze the same tea stain glaze over that. The rooms in her main living area are open to each other and using the same glaze over all exposed rooms, really ties things together nicely. She has this same blue in her rug and several accessories around the rooms.
     Her woodwork is an off white, including her mantle in the middle of all the beige and brown. Today, I showed her how to stain that white mantel, so it would tie in better with her brick fireplace and the rest of the room. She really liked the new mantel color and it really did change the look of the fireplace and the whole wall.
     Paint is the most dramatic and probably, the least expensive change you can make to your home. I get to see the transformations all the time and really love the way this one is looking!

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