Wednesday, October 28, 2015



Patti is doing some major redecorating.
Several years ago, when she was designing and building this home, I spent lots of time doing special paint projects for her.  That wall behind her headboard was one of the projects.  Back then, she wanted her new home and decor to be a darker Tuscan style.
It was (still is) sooo beautiful!
 I didn't paint this black distressed finish on this bed.  I do love the finish!!
The insets on the headboard and footboard are brown leather.
I almost forgot to take a picture of "before".
Look at that black and beige carpet!!
This is her cabinet "before" I painted it.
It was really nice, too.
Now, years later, she is wanting everything to be lighter.  For her bedroom furniture she chose a creamy white, light gray white and a medium gray.
She showed me a sample of the finish she wanted and here it is.  
The leather, I primed with an oil based primer and painted the soft gray color.
Then, I sanded the seams and distressed a little in the middle.
There are upholstery tacks holding the leather.
Patti asked me to paint those metallic silver.
In this picture, the silver doesn't shine.  But, in person it does reflect the light and is shiny.  
The metallic silver looks really nice with the colors she chose.
(The picture above is more true to the colors I painted.  In the other pictures, 
  my camera made the creamy white look more creamy than it really is.)
Aren't those bedside chandeliers amazing!!
Patti sent this picture to me.  That is sweet Stella.  She looks so pretty snoozing on the new bed.
It's a king size bed.  Her camera angle makes it look like a twin.
Here is the cabinet painted with the new colors to match the bed.
(Creamy white NOT this yellow)
I used a gel stain to paint the inside of the top and bottom and the shelves.
Also, I used the gel stain to paint the cabinet top.
It was a very large cabinet and LOTS of distressing.
This was Patti's husband's grandmother's dresser.  It goes in the bedroom, too. 
Patti wanted me to paint it the same way I painted the darker areas of the cabinet.
I have worked with Patti for many years and I always enjoy working with her.  
She has such great taste!
As she is redecorating, I'll keep sharing pictures with you.
Thank you, Patti!


  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Quelle magnifique transformation ! Vous êtes très talentueuse.
    Je suis certaine que Sir Icarus mon dalmatien aimerait bien rejoindre ce charmant toutou !

    Gros bisous ♡

    1. Thank you, MartineAlison! Patti was very happy, too. Stella would love to play with Sir Icarus.