Wednesday, June 17, 2015



Irene was redecorating her upstairs family room and turning it into a media room.
She got beautiful new hardwood flooring and asked me to paint her walls and ceiling a light sage green.
She had this desk and bookcases built for this niche and asked me to paint them, too.
I painted a blue undercoat and applied a stain over the blue.
I love to paint this finish.
Irene said she watched the newest Cinderella movie and this color was used on the cabinets or woodwork.  She said they used this color and green.  I absolutely love this aged blue with her green sage walls.
Her decorator wanted me to stain the desk top to match her new wood flooring.
I stained the shelves, too.  The carpenter used a different kind of wood and it took the stain very differently, so I had to really work with the stain to get the shelves to match the desk top.
Remember that when you're staining new wood.  If you want it to all be the same color shade, it's best if  you use the same wood for everything.  The carpenter used cherry wood for the desk top and the shelves looked like they were plywood.  That would be fine if I were going to paint the shelves.  I stained the shelves with the same stain as the desk top and then had to add another really "red" stain and, thank goodness, it worked.
Irene was also changing her stairwell.  She was watching some old reruns of Two And A Half Men and noticed the tile on their stairwell and loved the idea of putting tile on her's.  Notice she had the tile guys install decorative tiles every other step.  It really turned out beautifully!
Many times my clients get decorating ideas from movies, magazines, Pinterest, etc.
It always helps me if I can see pictures of the finishes they want me to paint.
She had me paint the railing and posts.  She had the finials replaced with these decorative ones.  I painted them the rail color and accented them with metallic silver and metallic gold.  
Desk and bookcases "before".
Stairwell "before".
This is one of the most beautiful homes I've worked in through the years.  I've worked with Irene for many years painting her kitchen, dining room...well, I guess I've painted almost every room in her home.
I asked her if I could take a few pictures of my work in her home and she said "yes".  So, my next post I'll show you a few more pictures of Irene's beautiful home.  
My pictures can't show how elegant this home really is.  I'll share them, anyway.


  1. What a lovely house and love the color on the shelves! Painting a railing must have been painstaking but looks beautiful! So glad to see your reminder about pets and fireworks- I put one on my blog too- this is a scary time for our fur friends

    1. Painting the top of the rail is easy. Underneath, painting around every spindle takes more time. It's illegal to set off fireworks in the city. But, as usual, they're going off all around my neighborhood.