Thursday, March 14, 2013


                             "THE EARTH HAS MUSIC FOR THOSE WHO LISTEN"   
                                                            Wm Shakespeare

This is a wonderful time of year!  The birds are nesting or already feeding their young.  The early bloomers are blooming, like my white lady banksia rose.  It's climbing way up into my trees and so beautiful.  The roses are still blooming.  And, when I look out my studio window, this is what I see:

Gus is my friend and he always helps me when I have a new project.  A couple of  months ago, I asked him to build me a trellis for my wisteria because it would be blooming, soon.  The wisteria vine is several years old and was climbing on a smaller porch trellis and climbing on my roof and into the trees.    I knew how beautiful it would be, hanging over my fish pond.  And, I would be able to see it from my work room.  He, ever so gently and carefully, unwound the vines out of the trees and the smaller trellis.  He's such a nice guy!

While he was building it, I asked him not to trim on the frame, making it perfectly square and even.  I wanted all of the boards to be different heights and lengths.  I knew the wisteria would take over the whole thing and I could hang bird houses and yard art on them.  And, it will look even better, once the frame has turned a weathered gray/green.

Oh my goodness!!!  I am certainly LOVING looking out and seeing this!!!  It thrills my soul and I love seeing the red Martha Gonzales antique roses with the purple wisteria!  Just so, so peaceful and beautiful.


  1. GORGEOUS view, how lucky are you, it's snowing again here yuck, enjoy your lovely weather and thanks for sharing this fabulous back yard, hope your having a great weekend..

  2. Thank you! and, I just don't think I would enjoy snow for very long. I know it's beautiful, though.