Tuesday, March 5, 2013


My client renovated her master bath and wanted me to paint her white doors to match her new cherry stained cabinets.  I had "before" photos of the doors, but can't find them on this new computer!!!  I'm learning, though!!

These were two white doors and door frames.
  To match her cabinets, I had to mix two different GEL stains to get close to her color.  A gel stain is a stain that can be used on a sealed or painted surface and it will give the look of stained wood.  A PENETRATING stain is mostly for new wood.  
My client will be getting new door knobs to match her new faucets.

While I was there, my client asked me to paint a new decorative table to match the frame of a painting hanging above it.

The wrought iron on the table looked gray and unfinished and the table top was just wood.

Usually, I can't tell how the photos will turn out, until I see them on my computer.  The very beautiful picture frame was black and gold.  So, I painted the wrought iron black and rubbed metallic gold on lots of areas.  Then, I wiped black over the gold and aged it.
Then, I put crackle medium on the table top and while it was still tacky, I poured metallic gold on it and just kept rubbing it with a rag.  When it was dry, I rubbed the black paint on it and then sealed the table with a clear sealer for protection.  
Anytime I paint a flat surface, I seal it with two or three coats of sealer or wax it, just to protect it.  And, I always suggest to my clients that they put the little fuzzies on the bottom of any lamps, vases, etc., so they won't scratch the top.
My client was very happy with the way things turned out and I am, too!


  1. Amazing how you did the doors, they look like real wood, and that gorgeous table, love the top you painted, thanks for sharing your wonderful work, and have a great day..

  2. Lynda,
    those doors look beautiful but let me tell you that the table stole my heart. simply gorgeous. the top is perfect: i love what you did with it.your client must be in seventh heaven...

    1. Thank you!! and, my client was very, very happy with it. It always feels good when they're happy with my work!!

  3. it's me again. one question i forgot to ask you. i see a wonderful claw-footed bathtub with a stunning decor on your header photo. i've tried to go over your old posts but could not find it. have you made a post on it? if so, will you send me the link?
    thank you

  4. http://lyndabergmandecorativeartisan.blogspot.com/2012/01/painting-on-clawfoot-bathtubtoile-rural.html

    Rita, I found this way, way down in "painted furniture". Hoping this link works. If not, I'll try to post it soon. Thank you!!