Friday, February 8, 2013


Today, I was covered with metallic silver paint dust.  I just got home and immediately washed my face and hair.  Omgoodness! it was sooo gritty and my complexion was metallic silvery.  Kind of weird looking!!  One of my clients designs and builds beautiful furniture.  So far, I 've gotten to paint each piece and I feel honored that he chose me, SO FAR!  I can't show a photo of it because he will be selling it.  But, today,  they took the huge cabinet outside and I spent several hours using my electric orbital sander, making definite straight line patterns on the whole thing, through the metallic silver.  Most of my work is very physical and not fun until I've finished and everything looks the way it's supposed to.  Tomorrow I'll paint on and wipe off a stain and then I'll be finished.  My client is very happy!! and, so am I, that he's happy!

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  1. I hope you can share a photo after it sells. It is fun to see each stage of a project progressing until we do get to see a finished product and then it is all worth it.