Friday, July 13, 2012


     A few months ago, I was painting the cabinets in this bathroom and I suggested that they put the moldings on their mirrors.  They selected the moldings and I painted them to match the cabinets.  Just wanted to show you another option for moldings and color.
     In the background, you can see the textured wall.  They did have outdated wallpaper and had it removed.  I textured the walls with sheetrock mud, kind of a Santa Fe style texture and then, I painted the walls and ceiling.
     My client got a new chandelier to go over her large bathtub and I painted the ceiling medallion to match the cabinets and mirror moldings.

  This is the ceiling medallion and some of the molding I painted.  They're always so detailed, but worth the look!

     And, these are some of the cabinets.  I embossed a design on the linen cabinet, only.  The rest of the cabinets, I just painted black and rubbed the edges.
     The black looks so nice with the creamy colored walls!

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  1. That is a beautiful decorative mirror. I'm a huge fan of mirrors, they are great way to open up a room that doesn't have the best lighting or window placement.