Thursday, July 23, 2015


Ellen is turning one of her bedrooms into an office.  She's in real estate.
She found this desk and asked me to paint it for her new office and told me the finish she wanted.
I love the colors she chose.  She painted the walls a gray beige.  The room wasn't put together and decorated when I left.  I think I'll get to see it later and will share it with you.
I painted the desk, stained and wiped off and sealed it with two coats of sealer.  
Three coats of sealer on the desk top.
Ellen has been updating her older home and I love everything I saw.  
She installed this sliding door to her bathroom.  She had her capet pulled up and refinished the beautiful wood flooring that was covered with the carpet.
On her stairs, she installed wood and is going to paint the risers white like her woodwork.  She added the wrought iron and she stained the rail with a gel stain.  She did a very good job.
This is good ol' Blitz. 
 They got him around Christmas and they named him after one of Santa's reindeer.
She remodeled her bathroom and I think she told me this little hanger will go in there.  I wish I had taken pictures of her new tub and mirrors that she had a carpenter build.
"before"...the new color is really nice.
For many years, I have worked in this older neighborhood and I love how Ellen has made her home "new" again.

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