Thursday, August 14, 2014


 A couple of years ago, my cient was building a new home and asked if I would paint a chest for one of her powder rooms.  It was a chest that her grandfather had built and she wanted to make a special place for it in her new home.


 It was stained brown.  She wanted me to paint it black and distressed a little so the brown wood would show through the black paint.  And, she wanted me to paint some metallic gold designs on the front to match the designs in the very beautiful wallpaper.

The distressed black with the wood tones showing through were to match the faux wood vessel sink that she had picked out to sit on top of the cabinet.

Yesterday and today I went back to touch up some water damage behind the sink.  The water was splashing evenly behind the sink in two spots and the paint was wrinkling.  I guess the water was splashing out when the faucet was turned on.
I scraped off the loose black paint, then painted and sealed it and now it looks really good again.
I painted it a little differently this time, but they will let me know if it holds up.
Water should never stand on a painted surface!!
In this case, it is a dark room and black paint so you couldn't see what was happening behind the sink.
I had sealed it really well and several coats of wax, but that didn't hold up.

This is her very beautiful powder room.  
Oops!! I didn't mean for me to be in the picture!
Also, the beautiful wide stairwell is visible, but that wall is not really blue.  It's beigy like the rest of the walls.  Somehow it turned blue in the mirror.  
The glass in the mirror is an antiqued glass, so that might be the reason it looks blue.

This is a hall chest right outside of that powder room.  I painted it for the new house, too.  Today, it had two little tiny scratches, so I touched them up while I was there and resealed the top.
I will always come back and touch up if anything happens to the furniture or cabinets that I've painted.
I took pictures of the mantel that I had painted and her kitchen island and will share them with you next.  You won't believe the size of her kitchen!!  
This is a very, very beautiful 15,000 sq. ft. house. 
It is amazing!!


  1. What a beautiful painting job you did. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

    1. Thank you and I certainly will! I love your country living pictures.

  2. Beautiful, Lynda! I love the custom cabinet look.

    Thank you for sharing your post this week at Brag About It Link Party on VMG206. I'm featuring you at Next Weeks Brag About It Link Party, Monday at midnight!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  3. Such a pretty piece! I love the black with distressing and gold. Thanks for sharing at Friday Unfolded!


    1. I love that she's using her grandfather's cabinet that he built. The black and gold do look so pretty with the wallpaper.

  4. I'm sure that people love that you stand behind your work Lynda and are willing to come touch up. I love the look of a wood cabinet for a sink top, but always worry about water damage. I used an antique dresser in our bath in the basement. I had granite added to the top for that reason. I knew it was a sink that the grands would be using and I didn't want to worry about it. Love the way you painted both pieces! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Granite always looks so good. I have a couple of other clients who have the vessel sinks and children. Both of them put those lava rocks in the sink and water doesn't splash out when the water is turned on. Another client has the faucet that flows like a stream and that works and doesn't splash, too.

  5. Oh my that's gorgeous! Thanks for linking up at Submarine Sunday!!!

  6. So grand!! Love it! Thanks for linking!

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