Thursday, March 27, 2014


Keeping formulas and paint colors is really important to me.
I have this very full notebook that is many years old with good information in it about the different jobs I've done through the years.

for some reason, I misplaced Shannon's formula when I painted her kitchen in 2006.
Recently, she got a new refrigerator with wood face and added a wooden face to her dishwasher.  
I had to figure out the paint colors I used way back then and I think I made about twelve samples, trying to get it right.  Also, it's been several years and the paint had aged.
The carpenter had to reconfigure the cabinets and built a new frame around her new refrigerator.  He used the original cabinet doors and the rest was new wood.

I think I got pretty close to the older color and this new paint will age, making it a little darker and closer to the old finish.  
It's my job to get it right and thank goodness I figured it out.
Shannon is very happy!!  and, I'm very relieved!!
While I was there, she asked me to paint the walls in her family room and kitchen.
All of the colors look really nice together.

And, here is Belle.  She is sooo sweet and such a good girl. 
She's several years old, maybe seven, and still loves her toys.

Through the years, I always remembered Shannon because when I went to give a bid and paint her cabinets in 2006, she had a HUGE sign on her house welcoming home her husband who is a doctor in the air force.  
That meant so much to me because I really appreciate our military guys.
Thank you for your service, Jeff!