Saturday, April 20, 2013


Lorraine's brass chandelier was really beautiful with tons of crystals, very, very sparkly.  It had been in her dining room for several years and she was tired of the shiny brass.  So, she took allll of the crystals off and brought it to my studio and asked me to paint away the shiny brass.

This is a photo of the new finish I used to cover up the brass.  In my studio, she picked out the shades of metallic paint she wanted me to use and asked me to top it off with a reddish metallic coppery color, as a bit of contrast to the other metallic golds and bronzes.

For every single crystal on this chandelier, there were two or three teeny tiny brass pieces like the wires, etc.  Thank goodness!! she kept those and worked on those while I was painting the chandelier.  But, there were a few crystal pieces that were permanently a part of the chandelier and I had to very carefully paint several layers around those.  It wasn't easy!!

You can't see the finish I did, but this is the way it looked when she picked it up to take it home.  Those smaller scrollie parts were very delicate and not easy to paint, but I finally finished all of the layers.
After she put it back together, I got to go look and take these photos.  It really does look beautiful in her dining room.  And, the bit of darker contrast that I painted gave the base more contrast to the crystals.  
She's very happy with it, now.
The great thing about paint is, if she ever wanted it to be shiny brassy looking again, I could do that!


  1. Redoing this chandelier must have been a massive undertaking. I like the softer look of aged metal too. I bet your client is thrilled.

  2. Yes, she's very happy with it. She did a lot of work, too, painting all of those tiny pieces.