Sunday, March 3, 2013


     Today, I finished a job at Tina's house and got to take some photos of past projects that I did at her house.  She does like some old and old world decorating.  A while back, she asked me to paint trompe l'oeil cracks on her patio walls.

It's a little too cold right now, so you don't see all of her beautiful flowers and greenery on her patio.  But, a few months ago, when I painted these cracks, it looked really, really nice to see the cracks in the background.


It's not hard to paint cracks and crevices.  I used a dark raw umber and a little bit of black and a very small brush.  It's best to start with a small brush because you can always smudge a little wider and a little more narrow.  You just start where you think cracks would be, naturally.  I didn't use a pencil, but it might help if you use a pencil first so you could see where you're going with your brush.  At the end, I just gently smudged around, close to the cracks, so they would look a little bit dirty and smudgy.  After a while, with the natural elements, they will start looking even more natural.  And, they might look a little better and more authentic from a distance.
Have fun!


  1. OOOWWW my this is gorgeous I love that look just gorgeous. I'm leaving you a link to look at, the description is

    a little slice of Heaven on earth.
    Surrounded by majestic ranches,
    the former homestead of
    renowned clothing designer Robin "Magnolia Pearl" Brown and John Gray
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    and utopian paradise hardly begins
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    I know you will love this:):).. Enjoy...

  2. Thanks!! I have seen this WONDERFUL home and property on F&T blog and it's in Bandera, about an hour from here. I would LOVE to live there!!