Thursday, October 4, 2012



     A while back, I did a lot of painting in my client's home, including her kitchen cabinets.  I painted her kitchen cabinets a dark browny green and put a dark stain on them and they looked very, very nice with her decor.
     So, when she moved to a new home, she asked me to paint her cabinets in her HUGE new kitchen.  Her husband loved red!  Their sofa was red and they had quite a few red accents.  So, I suggested she let me paint the kitchen red.  I knew it would look soooo good in this new house with all the wall colors, her furniture and everything.  She just could not see the red and brought in a decorator and a builder and got their opinions.  I don't remember exactly, but I'm sure they weren't in favor of the idea of a huge red kitchen, because I had to keep begging!!!  Her husband liked the idea of the red kitchen, so my client finally, reluctantly, said ok.
When I paint a "special finish", it is always with several layers of paint.  
These cabinets, I painted red, distressed and applied and wiped off a dark stain and sealed.
My client had seen my faux "antique copper" special finish, so she asked me to paint her vent-a-hood.  I did a lot of embossing with a stencil, applied the "antique copper" finish and painted the embossed design a metallic gold.
Her bar area was attached to the kitchen, so she wanted the same red, distressed finish on these cabinets, too.
Well, I think I was right to keep insisting on the red kitchen.
  She and her husband absolutely LOVE it!!
  They entertain a lot and she told me that everybody who sees her red kitchen loves it, too.  She feels good that it is unique.  And, she knows that no one has a kitchen like her's!
This is a ceiling medallion she asked me to paint for her new living room.  She had a very high ceiling and was hanging a new chandelier and wanted a red ceiling medallion. 
 Of course, it looked great, too!! 
 She has great taste and I loved working with her and her husband.
Are you brave enough to do this??  Paint your kitchen red?
You just might love it, too!
In case you are interested in a faux "antique copper" look, here is a link to my eBook with instructions and pictures of more vent-a-hoods that I painted.


  1. Lynda, this is my dream finish for our kitchen. I love distressed red and wish I had it on my cabinets, but my husband loves the wood. Darn! You did a beautiful job once again.

  2. Beautiful! Red is my favorite color too. I might do my island in red...thanks for the inspiration!

  3. This kitchent turned out fabulous. I love how you distressed the cabinets, so they were not just red. I am stopping by from FFF.

  4. You're really crazy talented!!!
    These turned out gorgeous Lynda!

  5. Your cabinets look good with your creative hands. But I think distressing comes with good combination of colors. You wouldn't see the changes that you did if you used the same shade of colors. They should be complement each other.