Wednesday, September 19, 2012


     Kim was building a new home and wanted one of her entry ceilings to look like an old tin ceiling.  So, she ordered stainless steel sheets of ceiling tiles, had them installed and told me how she wanted them painted.  This is "my interpretation" of what she told me.

     She was very happy with the way I painted the ceiling.  But, she didn't know that she could have purchased embossed wallpaper for a MUCH, much lower price.  After painting it, no one would have known the difference between the stainless steel and the embossed wallpaper.  (She used the stainless steel sheets of ceiling tiles on a very high, very large kitchen ceiling, too.  And, had me paint it, also.)
(You can get the embossed wallpaper at Lowes.  And, if you don't see the right pattern in the "in stock" bin, I think you can special order from them.  Also, you can go online to look for additional patterns and sizes.)
I painted the ceiling tiles yellow and stained over the yellow with a brown stain, to make them look old, rusted and dirty.
I have painted other embossed wallpaper ceilings in antique silver, antique copper and just painted it a solid color, which looks really nice, too.

I didn't roll any of the paint on this is allll hand painted and rubbed!!!
This was a very large ceiling, but loved working on it, making it look really old.

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