Wednesday, August 8, 2012


My client wanted me to paint a special, multi-layered finish on these very large doors.  After they brought them to my house, I started trying to figure out how to work on them, all at one time.  Since there's layering of coats of paint, it's good to do each layer on everything one time, at the same time.  It's just an efficient way to keep from having to clean your equipment more than once and it's faster. 

My friend always knows how  to make things better, when I'm all confused about what to do. (Lucky me!)  I wanted to work in my front yard, so he and his friend put a brace on all eight (giant) doors to connect them and that made them so easy to work on, all at one time.
So, I worked all day in my front yard and got two layers of paint on them.  And, even though it's hot here, I was so thankful for all the trees I had planted for the birds.  I was working right under my very tall and wide montezuma cypress and it  was so nice and breezy.  I was very comfortable in the heat.
There are eight doors, but as I'm painting, to me, it's SIXTEEN SIDES!! 
This is the "antique silver" finish I painted on them.

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  1. What a huge undertaking. 16 sides is a lot of doors. I admire you for even trying.