Saturday, August 27, 2011


      I'm painting two antique cabinets and one antique mirror to go in two different powder rooms in a home being built by my client.
     The first one seems to have been the top of an old bureau and will hang on the wall. A vessel sink will go on top of it and the antique mirror will go above it.
     The second one is an old sideboard that my client's grandfather built many years ago. I'm painting this one with a black distressed finish and using a metallic "old gold" for the trim. Am distressing it so the original brown stain comes through, especially on the edges and they will be putting a vessel sink on top of it that has a wood looking finish on it. Will look really good with the wood color coming through the black paint on the cabinet.
     One of my favorite things is to paint furniture and these pieces are so beautiful! Will post photos in the next couple of days, when I've finished painting these cabinets and mirror.

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