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Thursday, September 22, 2022


Fifteen years ago I painted this cabinet in Pam's dining room.  I painted it black with metallic gold trim.

Recently, she called and asked if I would paint her dining room table and chairs with the same finish.

Originally the finish on her furniture was pickled oak.
The black that I painted is a little bit crackled and gently distressed.  
I painted the same metallic gold on the edge to tie in with the cabinet. 
I painted the gold on and wiped off so it would not be a solid gold.
Remember, metallic gold "reflects" light.  
The front edge is shiny from my flash and the other sheen is from the window.  If it is not reflecting from the light it will still be a color, just not so shiny.
Under the table top on the right side you can see the underneath unpainted wood.  Since this table has a smoked glass top the unpainted wood would show through the glass.  So, I will paint it black like the overall finish.  Not all of the distressing, just black so it won't be noticed.
Several times I've been asked to match the finish I painted years ago.  
Because I keep records of the paint I used and the finish it really helps. 
 I think I got it close enough that it will look good with the cabinet.  

A few years back, Pam painted a gel stain over the original pickled finish. 
It looked very nice, but she was ready to decorate with black.

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