Sunday, May 17, 2015



In the home where I was working, my clients happened to be remodeling one of their bathrooms.  They were replacing their cabinets and put them in the garage to be hauled off.  One of the cabinets was a linen cabinet that hung over the commode and when I saw it in the garage I just knew I could do something special with it.
I bet lots of you have this same cabinet over your commode with the opening on the bottom for tissues, towels, etc.  I asked a carpenter to help me attach the feet.   
I asked him to turn it upside down with the opening at the top.  Then I found these feet at Lowes.  Actually, they are fence post finials.  I asked him to attach these feet to the cabinet.  The little wrought iron corner pieces I found at Hobby Lobby...LOVE their 40% off coupons!!
I added the new handles, too.
 I started painting it.  I primed and painted it a soft blue.  I painted all of the artwork on front and sides.  Finally, I aged it with an antiquing glaze and sealed it with a clear coat.
I painted the inside an off white that matched the other artwork.  
Painted little metallic dots on the front of the shelves. 
 Painted metallic copper/bronze around the feet and a couple of other places on the cabinet.
I really love how this cabinet turned out.
One of these days I think I will get to see it again in a client's home.
I do hope so!!
Because I forgot to take a "before" photo of the original linen cabinet,
 I found this on Google to show you.  I wanted you to see what I started with.
You can do it, too!
(This is a repost from January 17, 2013)

Friday, May 8, 2015


Jackie's daughter just moved away to college.
So, Jackie totally redecorated her daughter's bedroom.  She had hardwood floors installed.  Then, she asked if I would paint her brown stained furniture black and gold.  The furniture was really beautiful, but Jackie wanted it black and gold.
So, I primed, painted, trimmed with metallic gold and sealed everything with two coats of clear sealer.
Jackie is going to paint the walls.
She's looking for just the right new hardware to put on her newly painted furniture.
There is a mirror for the dresser and I painted it, too.
Last summer Jackie purchased this copper table for her breakfast room.  She chose this particular one because it had so much patina on it.  Since last summer, as Jackie washed the table the patina kept coming off.  She tried a saline solution and it did patina the copper again, but every time she cleaned it the patina would still come off.  So, she asked me to use some paint and paint the patina on and seal it so she could clean it.  There was still some of the original patina on the other side of the table and I just copied it with paint color and patterns.  
Also, she wanted it to look similar to her vent-a-hood that I painted for her last summer.
Here is a link to that post:
While I was painting her daughter's furniture, she asked if I would touch up a spot on her tuscan style kitchen cabinets that I painted for her.  She had new granite installed and they nicked a little spot.
It was easy to touch up.
This is a link to pictures of her kitchen:
This is the bedroom furniture "before".  See, it's really beautiful with the stained wood finish.
I always love working with Jackie. 
 She loves decorating her home and it really is an elegant show home.