Friday, February 5, 2021


Robin and Javi were building a new home.  While it was being built Robin was busy looking for old doors and other antique items.  She found these old gates.  They looked really good, but had been painted with what I think was interior paint.  Most interior paints will not hold up for very long outside in the sun and weather.  So, after two years that paint was looking really flaky.  (Above is the new paint.)

This is the new coat of paint.  In time, these gates will fade a little bit and look even better.

Their new home is really beautiful.  Robin does all of her decorating and I'm sure she helped design her new home.

When I paint I get really messy hands.  Often, I wipe paint off with my hands instead of a rag.
This picture is "before".
Those bars are metal.  I lightly swiped paint on them.  The rust will come back through the paint. 
Also, I only swiped a little bit of paint on all of the metal latches.
 Robin wanted them to look old and rust does look old.
I love these old gates.
First, I scraped off as much of the flaky paint as I could.  I left the rest of the old paint on for the texture and I knew it would show through the new paint as I wiped it off. 
 I used exterior flat paint.  I painted a little on and immediately rubbed it off with a rag.  And, kept doing that until all was painted.

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