Wednesday, March 4, 2020



Rachel and family were building a fabulous new home on a large piece of property out in the country.  She was her own designer and has done a wonderful job.
Rachel wanted a huge framed mirror in the entry.  That is what you see reflecting through the front door.  The front gate is quite a distance from the house and she told me she could see the mirror from there.
She asked Rick, her carpenter, to build her an 8'x10' wooden mirror frame. 
The backing is one big piece of wood which holds the mirror in place so it won't bend and crack.  The carpenter built the wide frame on top of that large flat platform.
Then, Rachel asked me to paint a faux finish on the frame to match her entry flooring.
They told me that when the glass people brought the mirror the first time, they broke it and had to replace it.  Can't even imagine how much that mirror must weigh.  Don't remember for sure, but I think they glued the mirror onto the large flat backing.  It's leaning against the wall.

I made a sample board for her to choose the look she wanted.  She liked the top sample.
Rachel told me she had a very large, shades of gray and white, painting of Buddha that she was going to hang above the fireplace.  Looking out that glass door to the right...
is her swimming pool.

At Thanksgiving she sent me this video of wild turkeys walking on her front porch.
If you listen closely you will hear them gobbling.  I love this video!

And, she sent me a picture of the wild turkeys walking on her back porch by the pool.
The carpenters told me that when they first started working on this home there were wild turkeys, deer, fox and other animals when they would get there in the morning.  I would love to live in the country!
Rick, the carpenter, built this cabinet for Rachel.  It sits next to the fireplace.
Also, he built this table for their breakfast room.  It's going to be stained a dark brown.  Look at that tree right in the middle of that window.  Somebody did a lot of counting and measuring for that to happen.  I noticed several windows and doors like that.  Amazing!
 This is the breakfast room ceiling.  There are several ceilings like this in this home.  The hallway in that opening on the right of this picture has three or four small groin vault ceilings.  The lights reflect so beautifully in a groin ceiling.
Master Bath (below).
Rachel happened to have her grandmother's old door and she asked Rick to cut it in half to make two cabinets in her coffee (?) room next to her master bedroom.  A piece of glass is on top to protect her grandmother's old door.

I loved working at this home in the country. 
Rachel was so easy and such a pleasure to work with.  Thank you, Rachel.

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