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Hi there!
This is me working hard as usual!!
I made my own pattern and I sew these coveralls big and baggy so I can move around comfortably.
I've been painting a long time and I LOVE working with paint. It seems I do a lot of techniques and moves that I don't even remember why I started doing them. I always have paint on me, somewhere.  And, I wear coveralls most of the time because I'm always working in my studio, a client's house or touching paint in one way or another.
I would love to help you with your painting projects.
If you have any questions about painting, paint colors, decorating with color, please feel free to "ask me".
A big THANK YOU!! for visiting my blog.

I'm texturing Saundra's kitchen walls so the painters can get everything painted before I start painting a special finish on her cabinets.  If other contractors work on a job I'm usually the last person to come in.  I'm sure the contractors  appreciate that they don't have to be so careful around the newly painted cabinets.  The texture I'm doing is a light santa fe look with a 5" broad knife and sheetrock mud.  Saundra loves this textured look.
Under "kitchens, cabinets, etc." you can see the pistacio distressed cabinets I painted in this kitchen.  Also, you can see the newly built vent-a-hood that I painted to look like "antique copper".  The "antique copper" looked sooo good with the pistacio color.
Here is that link:

When Patti was building her BEAUTIFUL! new home I spent more than 3 months working there.  But, for about a year before that she was bringing me all sorts of things to paint for her new home.  She brought me tiles, furniture to be installed in baths, light fixtures, lots of different things, even her weathervane to go on top of her home.  
In this photo I was painting artwork in one of her four groin ceilings in her entry hall.  In each one I painted different patterns but used the same colors and it looked so nice with her stone and fabulous light fixtures.
It was lots of hard work, but I'm very proud of how everything looks now.
Patti has such great taste and it really shows in this wonderful home.
Thank you, Patti! 

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  1. Sandy, so sorry I don't know how to answer your question. I bet Google could help you, though. Thanks

  2. Hi Lynda, I'm wondering if you could help me with a painting question. I've been searching Google for answers. I want to paint a mural on the inside of a bathtub and I'm trying to figure out what kind of paints or sealants I will need to use. Any suggestions?

    1. oh my goodness!! If the bathtub is going to be used, I don't know a product that could hold up to the constant moisture. If you ask the paint stores and Lowes and Home Depot, maybe they have a product to suggest. If you do find a sealer, be sure to seal very, very, very well where the drains are so moisture doesn't get under the paint. It will lift the paint off the surface. And, make sure moisture doesn't stand in that area. I just thought too, there are people who refinish bathtubs. I bet they would be able to put a clear coat on your artwork. If the clear coat is oil based, your tub will amber a little bit, but if you're making it look old, that wouldn't be a bad thing. AND, before you start painting, be sure to rough up the surface. Electric sander or maybe a chemical that the tub refinish people might suggest. I think it sounds wonderful and hope you'll show us pictures.

  3. Your work is amazing! We are thinking of painting our laminate kitchen cabinets, amd I would love to 'antique' them. Do you have any advice you could give?

    1. Thank you so much!!
      Sometimes the laminate finishes are hard to sand, so I suggest you use a "bonding" primer. Making the paint bond to your cabinets is number one with me. Then, you can do any finish you want. It's best to ask your paint store about the bonding primers they carry. They can probably help you with finishes, too. Then, practice your finish on a piece of wood or one of your doors until you like what you see. Hope that helps. Lynda

  4. I want to change my white painted cabinets to dark wood stain. The problem is I think they maybe mdf. Can I just prime and stain with a dark gel stain? What primer is best and will it hold up?

    1. Hi, it's fine to paint over mdf. And, I would do what you're asking, just prime, maybe a base coat and then use the stain. Please ask the paint stores in your area which primer to use. Products are different in different cities and parts of the country. They can, also, give you tips to help you with your painting. It's a real chore, but I bet you will love your new cabinets!

  5. Have you ever painted over knotty pine wood? I plan to paint my knotty pine kitchen cabinets and walls white. Do you have any advice? Thank you. -Bev

    1. Hi Bev, I've painted knotty pine furniture, but not a whole kitchen. I don't know for sure, but I think I would prime the cabinets and see how much needs to be smoothed over. You might like the way it looks without smoothing it out. I think I might. Also, I bet the paint will fill in a lot of the little cracks. Sorry I couldn't help you more.

  6. Hi Linda I just came across your web site and first I would like to say how gorgeous everything looks. I especially love Jackie's Tuscan Kitchen. I would love to try and re-do our kitchen cupboards that way. When we bought our 48 year old house 5 years ago we had to undergo major renovations to accomondate our son with Autism and found many many many "surprises" along the way. Right now the kitchen cupboards have some kind of glue on/iron on laminate that my son has found the one corner that is coming off and has pulled off chunks so I need to do something that is painted. If you could let me know if you have a tutorial on how to achieve the Tuscan look I would be so grateful. If you lived closer to us, ottawa, ontario, canada, I would find a way to have you come and do it. thank you for your time.


  7. Pam from Graham, Tx. I Love your Tuscan cabinets.
    Is there a tutorial on them?